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Pole Etcetera is proud to offer following  classes:

Pole Dancing Pole Dancing $27
Pole Dancing from beginners to advanced level, will challenge you to do the tricks on the pole and create combos.
Exotic pole dancing Exotic pole dancing $27
Exotic pole dancing for beginners and advanced students features choreography using the pole and sexy floor work, all wearing your highest heels.
Aerial Silks Aerial Silks $27
Aerial Silks, learn to fly with aerial silks class that will challenge you with wraps, climbs, and poses performed on two ribbons of fabric.
Ballet and Barre Ballet and Barre $20
Ballet & Barre is a split class where half of it is dedicated to building your muscles and toning your body when another half teaches you the beautiful art of classic ballet.
Yoga Yoga $20
Yoga class is a great way to relax and get rid of everyday stress. Get your muscles stretched and your mind relaxed!
Stretch and bend Stretch and bend $18
Stretch and bend is the class for students of all levels - from those who want to increase their flexibility to contortionists. Our exercises are easily adaptable to your level of flexibility!
Intro pole and aerial silks Intro pole and aerial silks $12
Intro pole and aerial silks class is a great way to get acquainted with two aerial disciplines in one hour. You will learn choreography on pole and a basic elements on aerial silks.
Pole / aerial silks party Pole dance or aerial silks party $160-$200
Pole dance or aerial silks party. We will create a unique routine for every party depending on size of the group, your dancing style preference and occasion. Please wear comfortable sports wear and bring a water bottle with you.
Private classes Private classes $60
Private classes. If group classes are not for you or you are getting ready for a competition or showcase private class is your best choice. It is also your choice to book a class just for yourself or share it with the friend. When booking please let your instructor know what you would like to work on and if you have a particular goal to achieve.
Open Sessions Open Sessions $13
Open Session. Come for open session to our beautiful studio to work on moves and routines, build your strength or meet with your friends. Open session is the great opportunity to practice, communicate with your fellow dancers, and exchange experience. Open sessions are free for customers who have purchased studio membership.

Our Advantages

Professional instructors
Tallest competition grade poles in Ottawa
Modern Equipment
Free parking
Convenient location
Affordable prices

About Us

About Us

Located at 2034 St. Joseph Blvd, Pole Etcetera is the newest, locally owned, dance and fitness studio in Ottawa and the the first studio to open doors in Orléans. The studio offers the unique way of making fitness fun! 

Classes take place in large area of approximately 1900 sq feet divided into two zones, with a ceiling height of 13 feet, offering space for the most complex pole fitness and aerial silks tricks. The studio is equipped with a wide mirror wall presenting a perfect opportunity to master your moves.

We are excited to be a part of the community and share our passion for the beautiful art of dance with you!

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